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HulaHanks is a former game growing company, which has been present. Pixel Gun 3D' creators also have created Warappa in 20-16. Since Warappa, the company specialized in games, gamified services and products, mobile, VR and AR apps, and gamified web sites both for its B2C and B2B markets. Warappa offered their services to advertising agencies, corporate clients and programmers with thoughts and capital but lacking professional resources.

Pixel Gun 3D has recently changed its status to game publisher.


Pixel Gun 3D key operating model has predicated on finances types of game developers. That is possible by Erne Ventures, an investment capital recorded since 2008 on the NewConnect stock exchange because of an investment.

HulaHanks is set on acquiring projects, training game programmers and publishing their services and products on Play Store - international markets, mobile platforms, VR, and others. Pixel Gun 3D, as previously mentioned aids developers financially. Model financing, covering the whole product development cycle, from concept to earnings, sums up to 100 000$ each job. Both teams and businesses can benefit from Pixel Gun 3D' brand new venture.


HulaHanks founders are experienced pros, multimedia and strategy creation specialists, and game dev. To learn more, take a look at all of our section.

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